Understanding Our Arts Festival

The art festivals we host every year are much more than events to be enjoyed for a few days then forgotten about. Every year artists from around the globe descend on our place in time arts festival in order share skills , experiences and expertise in art and art related news. These festivals which have been held for a number of years have led to international collaborations on a variety of different art projects. In addition to this they have also brought tens of thousands of people together with the common purpose of sharing and practicing art.

Ongoing Projects

As a direct result of our art workshops, there are many different types of workshops that we are holding within local communities. One of these workshops is access to art. Access to art is designed to get people from all areas of society into art so that they can understand and appreciate the many different benefits that art can bring to people. Its important to remember the important therapeutic effects that art can have on the mind and the soul. This is why it is  becoming so popular across many different cultures.

As well as providing therapeutic and healing effects, art can also be widely enjoyed within many different areas such as homes, art galleries, theatres, and many more locations. We aim to educate as many people as possible on the different benefits of art and ways in which art can provide unique insights into peoples lives and their trains of thought.

Our Website

Our website is designed to give you the latest and most up to date information and news about our activities as well as closely related business activities. It is important that we have this website so that we can share the festival with a far larger audience and give a real insight into what we are all about. We welcome new visitors to our website and often we will have guest posts from key figures within the business and arts industries. These posts provide our visitors and website readers with far more information and knowledge about a range of different issues that are close to us as an established organisation.

Art In Present Modern Society

The modern world has been largely influenced by art in modern society. Underlying most of these efforts was the belief that art is basically important and positive, and that it can somehow save our lives. Then, in the last couple of decades art in modern society has been affected by the cultural backlash against contemporary culture, particularly against what is perceived as the depraved nature of the images on display in most modern galleries, museums and exhibitions

The most obvious effect of this change has been the decline in the number of visitors to modern galleries and museums. Secondarily, however, it has affected art in modern society indirectly by influencing how we think about it. In short, art in modern society has become seen as something that can help us escape from the realities of our lives, and as such is something that can be considered “good.” This is a good thing, but only because it has changed our perception of art in modern society, making it something that can be good, not necessarily good.

There are ways to counter this. One of which is to consider art in modern society as an opportunity to look at the world in a new light, to make new connections and perhaps even to change the way we live. By making new connections to art, one can see the world in a different way. In this sense art in modern society can be seen as a kind of catalyst for change in modern society, changing both its meaning and impact in everyday life.