The Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a popular entertainment event held on the city’s fringe for three days every July and August. The festival began in 1986 with an award-winning programme, but it has developed over time and is considered to be one of the UK’s premier arts events. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the only British event to feature all the major performers from around the world in a single year. The festival’s unique blend of comedy, drama, music, dance, and visual art has been hugely popular with the general public and visitors from around the world. The festival features performers from many different disciplines including theatre, dance, opera, puppetry, film, comedy, music, and visual arts. Lots of art galleries open their doors to the festival aswell, with lots of people coming to enjoy the rich art environment.


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the biggest arts event in Europe, which each year covers almost 25 days in June and July, and encompasses a wide variety of performances in over 317 venues across Edinburgh and its surrounding areas. The Festival offers both free entrance and tickets which are sold throughout the three days of the Festival. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was formed by two friends and artists who realised that there was an untapped audience of people who enjoy the arts and would love to experience them. The Fringe Festival was created to provide opportunities for local people to have access to live theatre, performance, and other artistic activities. It has since become an international phenomenon, with thousands of visitors to the Festival each year.


Most of the performers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival are local, making it accessible to people who live in the capital. Most of the popular performers work from home and make their own shows. There are also some well-known performers who have established themselves as leading performers in the UK and internationally. The biggest draws at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival are the shows by well-known actors and comedians such as Tim Winton and Mark Gatiss. A popular feature of the Festival is the ‘comedies from home’, where established and touring comedy acts give short performances from the comfort of their own home. Edinburgh Fringe Festival plays host to the world premiere of touring plays and touring theatre productions which can be seen before their official performances in London, in other cities around the UK and around the globe.