Saxophone Art Installation

Recently we attended a local art gallery that had been branded as one of the more interesting art exhibitions in the country today. There was a fair bit of hype surrounding this particular exhibition, and so off we went on a drive that would take us a few hours and many miles until we got there. We had heard that it was out there, but nothing could prepare us for what was waiting at the art installation. Saxophones everywhere! It was a celebration of the saxophone, and it was done very well and it really got us thinking about how simple objects can be utilised as art.



The Saxophone Canvas

Art installation, as the term itself suggests, is an aesthetic genre of art works which are designed and created to transform an area into an artwork by integrating it with other artistic works. This type of art is typically applied in a commercial space, but there are also other places where it can be used, such as museums, public areas, parks or gardens. However, the main focus of installation art is to integrate with other artistic pieces that have already been installed within the environment, which is exactly what the curator did using the humble saxophone.

This particular art gallery had used the traditional brick and mortar building that used to be an old cinema and turned it into an amazing spectacle. The concept of art installation has become more popular over the last few decades. For instance, there are numerous examples of installations which were made in different countries and in different cities of the world, and the process is being applied in more public places.

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Art As A Public Entity

The idea of public places is not limited to public buildings, but there are also plenty of other art venues that can be transformed into public places with the help of an installation. One of the most common places to use an installation is a park. It is because of the vastness of the natural landscape of parks, gardens and other open spaces that they are ideal areas for an installation, since there is no interference with the natural features of the location. As long as the installation is made in accordance with the nature of the park and its surrounding surroundings, it can be considered as a masterpiece and a perfect piece of art in itself.


Art In The Home

There are some other reasons why people have started using art installation as a part of their home decorating. In case you want to give a more traditional look to the interior of your home, then you should consider an installation done in white and marble. These are two of the best materials that you can use in your home. However, if you want something that is less traditional, then you can opt for colored glass or any other kind of glass you can find in the market. This is because glass gives you the freedom to incorporate almost anything that will compliment your home decorating scheme.

In addition to making your home look elegant and stylish, an art installation can also beautify the area itself. By combining art with different architectural details that you might not have thought of before, it can give a much-needed update to an area. Thus, if you think that art installation is the answer to all of your decorating needs, you should definitely think about installing an art work in your house.