Are Festivals Important For Our Wellbeing ?

Festivals are something that we have become accustomed to over many years. There are a variety of different kinds of reasons as to why festivals are considered important within society. In this article we will examine why festivals are so important in society and what overall influence they can have.

What Are Festivals?

Festivals are large scale celebrations which occur throughout the year across the world. There are many different types of festivals and each of them are normally held for a variety of different reasons. Some festivals are religious whilst many others are held to celebrate art and other cultural events and gatherings. Typically festivals can attract anything from a couple of thousand to tens of thousands of people. Festivals such as the reading and leeds music festival in England is a perfect example of this.

Music and arts festivals have become particularly popular across Europe with millions of us flocking to them every year in order to catch a glimpse of our favourite arts or artists. This has become firmly engrained in many different cutures.  Equally at religious festivals its hard to deny the amount of demand that there is for these festivals. This has come about due to the positive responses that festivals can bring about as well as the sense of belonging that they may help to provide to many.

Why Are Festivals So Important To Us?

Its hard to pinpoint one particular reason as to why festivals could be considered so important to us. One of the main reasons why we consider festivals as important is the different ways in which it can influence us. For example, one of the ways  through which we could be influenced by a festival is through a change in music taste. We may find that after attending several festivals our music taste has changed and has been partly shaped by what we may have listened to at a festival.

Another key way in which festivals can influence is through coming together as a crowd. Many of us make new friends and connections at festivals as a result of having a common shared interest or purpose. This is quite common as festivals often attract legions of people from all walks of life. Humans by nature are social creatures which means that festivals are an important part of life as they help to further facilitate social events and provides positive emotions through entertainment and engagement.

Festivals In The Future

The future of festivals across the world at the present moment in time remains uncertain. This is because the coronavirus pandemic has cause a huge deal of disruption. Events are much harder to organise and infection control is crucial in order to ensure that people are safe at these kinds of events. Hopefully in the future there will be further medical and scientific innovation which will help to facilitate the safe holding of events moving forward in the near future. However , much of this is uncertain and it is important that these kinds of issues are clearly addressed.