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Our Place in time arts festival is dedicated to all generations and their contributions to the art world. Take a look across our site and explore the different ways through which art has influenced and helped shape out society as we know it today!


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We have created the Arts Festival to find human answers to the big questions of today. Thank you all 16,000 humans who joined the conversation.

We aim to educate our audience and visitors to our website on the importance of art. Across our posts and webpages you can gain a better insight into that matters happening now relevant to you as well as how economic and social changes have been spurred forward by the art industry. 

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Visiting An Art Workshop

Art workshops are a great way to gain experience and enhance your skills as an artist. Workshops are available for people of all ages and can last for a couple...

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art therapy

A Guide to Art Therapy

Art therapy is a unique discipline that incorporates creative techniques of expression through a visual art medium. Art therapy, like other creative art therapies, evolved from the fields of art...

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For Over Two Decades, Our Festival Has Succeeded in Bringing the Love for Art, Modern Ideas and Passion for Creation to People All Over the Country

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